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Be it the Mylai Karpakambal, Tiruppathi Balaji or Thiruchendur Murugan a devotee can hardly get two minutes for a glimpse of the deity’s face leave alone the full figure; one has to always leave with unfulfilled longing. There is a way to overcome it. Just keep the paintings by Silpi in front of you; one can look as long as one wishes to at every little detail of the respective deity of most of the temples of not only Tamil Nadu but the entire country; the properties in the shrine such as the brass oil lamps, silver vessels for the rituals, why even the oil stains on the wall are clearly delineated. No one before or after him could compare favourably with Silpi and his creations.
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Art on used Utensils.

As we all know there are different materials available for doing Art. Paintings or drawing there are lots of mediums like oils Acrylics water colours pastels pencil paper and Canvas but art can also reflect on pebbles & scrap vessels.

Anand started creating paintings on many scrap vessels at his place, instead of selling them as scrap. They are very innovative and interesting, can be utilized for decoration. Interested, Contact +91 8072476825

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Master of Line

All great masters of art have acknowledged the importance of line in art, be it drawing, painting, sculpture or graphics. K.M. Adimoolam, Adi as he was called fondly by friends and associates, was indeed a Master of Line. He had said, “What are my drawings? They mean a lot more than telling something to the viewers through them – the vibrant qualities which are felt when the practical or strong sweeps of these lines pierce through the space, the amazing features indicating the three dimensions, the impressions I had gained from artistic creations from all over the world at different points of time, even though the line behaved in a fragile manner, its fascination which seemed to overpower me – my drawings mark my endeavours to express all these in my own special way”. He further said, “It has been my objective to establish my drawings, be they model studies or my own imaginary compositions, as my own perceptions, bereft of any influences and impressions from others”.
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Passionate Potter.

Young, enterprising and hard working ceramist Gukan Raj continues to earn appreciation and acclaim for his creativity.

Emotion in stone.

A 6” x 6” square and within that space a deeply touching scene - the dead body of Vali surrounded by other grieving Vanaras after he was hit by Rama; the stone surface is somewhat rough, but that does not affect the profoundness of the relief sculpture.
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Fold to Unfold

Spanning across four decades, this article recounts my experience with origami – paper folding. I might switch to different decades at different points in time while you are reading and not necessarily in an orderly fashion.
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Music and Art

Jayakrishnan Unni shares his interest in music and art.

Emotional transformation of Art

“it is easy to depict a figure and write a few lines of poetry. The issue here is that of transforming this and how one does it when there are no examples. I start sometimes with a concrete human figure or even write a few lines of text on the canvas and as the work progresses I realise it is moving slowly towards abstraction, may be semi abstraction; it might perhaps lead me to full abstraction”.
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Kodali Karuppur Kalamkari.

The pandemic has affected every business be it corporate or street vendor. Traditional crafts, many of which are already on the brink of extinction due to lack of patronage, are no exception. One such craft is Kodali Karuppur Kalamkari.Read More

Straight From the Heart...

A sixteen year old boy left his family in 1896 and driven by an inner urge made his way to Arunchala, a holy mountain in South India, a place he never left again. Here he surrendered himself to a newly discovered awareness that his real nature was formless, immanent consciousness.
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Bani Beyond Borders III: Nature of / and Art...

The beginning of spring is a beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Every year, we experience the grandeur of budding leaves in green, dew drops on flowers and the melodious chirping of birds chattering throughout the day. One such day brought Mouli a raga with a refreshing combination of notes depicting this exuberance in our spring.
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Lokame Tharavadu.

It was a treat to my visual sensory, like exploring a small island with all its people, women and children, workers and families, labourers and jack fruit eaters, little homes and dense forests, lives longing for love, passionate people waiting to be loved, toys and guns, trees and boats..
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Lakshmi Venkartaman.

I record with a sense of loss the passing away of Lakshmi Venkatraman, freelance journalist in Art & Carnatic music and Art curator.

It was at Gallery Sri Parvati where I met her first in 2005. Since we have love for art & music common in both of us, our journey started right from that moment. She has been a great inspiration and has encouraged me as an artist and made me have an art show there at her gallery in 2015.

Lakshmi hailed from the well-known family of Justice P. R. Sundaram Iyer (Madras High Court). Lakshmi’s father built the art deco house, where she was running Gallery Sri Parvati, through which she promoted a huge number of senior and upcoming talents.

Lakshmi has been quite close to many veterans in both the fields of art and music. Being a freelancer, she has penned about many artists, their works and careers. She has curated many art shows and has been a big name in the Indian art world. She has travelled extensively in both India and abroad for observing renaissance art. She has a wide knowledge which attracted me close to her. I have been privileged to travel with her many times for curating art. Together, we have made several documentaries on artists and musicians such as B. Krishnamoorthy, Ramesh Vendhanbatla, to name a few. With her valuable guidance, I conducted art workshops at her gallery through which we trained many budding artists.

She founded the Kalpakalakshmi Charitable Trust with the main objective of promoting Art, Music, Environment and Education. Being one of the trustees, I shall strive to fulfill her objectives. Together we started this online magazine,, which will continue to carry on her vision of featuring traditional values and lifestyle.

Her demise is a great loss to the world of Art and Carnatic music.

- Lakshu -

A documentary in memorium:

Aesthetics of Rukmini devi.

The minute one enters the portal of Kalakshetra- The Temple of Fine Arts - a new awakening stirs the soul. Sensitivity transcends time. Athai’s aesthetics is everywhere unfolding a new aura every-day!
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Art show inspired by primordial deities who personify the earth.

Signature styles of painting by six eminent atists, which express their individual creative approach on primordial deities. Show is from 6-10 March 2022 at CHOLAMANDAL ARTISTS' VILLAGE, Injambakkam, Chennai 600 041 - INDIA.

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Own original paintings.

Chidambarakrishnan: An alumnus of the College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam and had worked as a designer in the Weavers Service CEnter for many years. He has been fond of the horses as the subject of his painting and had used the form in quite an unusual manner, sometimes alon with human figures.

Sale proceeds of this collection of original art works will be used for charity.
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Ann Arbor Art Fair

Arbor art fair is Michigan’s largest outdoor art event. It brings close to half a million attendees over three days in July the largest art fair in the nation. The Ann Arbor art fair features nearly thousands of artists and is comprised of three independently juried nonprofits that run consecutively.
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Own original paintings.

Prasanna Kumar: A former student of the College of Fine Arts, Chennai, Prasanna Kumar specializes in photography collage art. These three pictures were created during his visit to Thailand.(Nos. 067, 068 - Titled: Oracle and No. 069 Titled: People with nimind are in the catalogue.)

Sale proceeds of this collection of original art works will be used for charity.
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Into the Moonlight Parade.

K. Ramanujam, was an artist at Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai. He was one of the noted artist, inspired by traditional indigenous drawing with regional techniques. Ramanujam’s work delved into forms of abstraction and figuration. (Please read the detailed article on K Ramanujam and his works in the next issue).

His paintings are on show at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA), New Delhi. a non-commercial, not-for-profit organization that intends to exemplify the dynamic relationship between art and culture through its exhibitions, publications, educational, and public programs.

Art in Small format.

Art Exhibition "MICRO TRENDS 2022" of Paintings and Sculptures in Small Format by Progressive Painters Association till 30th April, 2022, 6.30-9.30 (all days) at Labernum and Indigo Galleries Cholamandal Artists' Village, Chennai.

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Aesthetics of Rukmini devi-2.

She was often criticised for having sanskritised the Barathanatyam, or being very Brahminical in her outlook etc. Nothing could be far from it as could be seen from the following observations.
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The Tragic artist!

Ramanujam expressed his indulging inner state of mind in all his works. His extra ordinary works created a new approach in Madras Art Movement.
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The “R” tist...

Any expression in any format is possible as long as you have the will to learn and experiment, persevere and allow your imagination to flow. Age and learning are no barriers.
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Guru Vandan...

In conversation with Vidushi. Hiranmayee Srinidhi. Read More

Tribute to renowned sculptor Debi Prasad Roy Choudhury.

He was well known for his monumental sculptures installed in the public spaces. He was also a painter of highest mark. Above is a "Triumph of Labour" sculpture installed by him at Marina beach, Chennai.

In memory

The entire Art world of Chennai is mourning the demise of the veteran artist D. Venkatapathy. He was the first citizen of the Cholamandal Arts Village. As a tribute, presenting my production on his works along with the interview by Late. Lakshmi Venkaraman, renowned art critic, which was organised by Lalith kala Akademi, Chennai.

Homage to an abstract artist, Achuthan Kudallur.

He was a well-regarded name in the abstract art. He lived in Chennai. He often said that “It looked like colour was waiting to catch me” though he wanted to get in writting.

Shubham Malav

Growing up in Chittorgarh in Rajasthan, Shubham was surrounded by art. Arts made by him revolve around the things he see or episodes in his daily life, which brilliantly reflected the dark and gloomy reality of modern society through His illustrations...Read More


Shagun is a contemporary realist artist who lives and works in Sirhind, Punjab and native of India. She says "My colorful paintings pay homage to my homeland. My distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the culture"....Read More

Rose red rose visible and invisible in my blood & Retrospective 1990-96.

C. Douglas, who was born in Kerala in 1951, is one of the Madras Art Movement's most sought-after painters. His current show reflects the emotions of the poem by William Black; The Sick Rose.

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Aspiration 2 Inspiration

A man who has conquered several obstacles in life is K. Narasimhalu. His youth was impacted by Cerebral Palsy.

He was left behind as a baby and eventually came into the care of Chennai's Andhra Mahila Sabha. He is unable to speak or walk normally. Without the use of his hands, he expertly completes every task using only his two feet, yet this does not help him walk. He moves around by pushing a wooden board on wheels.

Narasimhalu, who has serious orthopaedic impairments, is skilled at using his foot to paint and embroider. He excelled in classes X and XII. He has successfully completed a simple designing using computer, using his feet and toes to control the mouse and keys.

He utilises his legs for all of his tasks, including knitting, eating, drinking, using the computer, hand needlework, and using the phone, despite his various medical conditions.

Bookmarks of Art.

Art beyond the canvas or medium imprints a powerful conversation onto the observer's mind which can heal, create awareness, inspire and profoundly affect a person's life in a safe manner !....Read More

Own original paintings.

S. Anand: Anand was a student of fine arts at the Kalakshetra under renowned artist Dhanapal; later he has developed his skills on his own and has been trying out different mediums and techniques in painting. His landscapes even though imagination are quite appealing. He also indulges in abstract works.

Sale proceeds of this collection of original art works will be used for charity.
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Ami's Art.

Amritha started her journey in art when she was a kid and her passion for colours developed since then. Her journey in art includes Tanjore paintings, Acrylic on canvas, Coffee painting, hand-painted glass works, Mandala Art, Warli Art. Read More