- Shubham Malav -

Growing up in Chittorgarh, Shubham was surrounded by art in many other forms as well. His first inspiration for paintings came in the form of landscape paintings of his father hanging on the walls of his house.

The beautiful forts of Chittorgarh played the most important role in his art field.

Most of his paintings are based on his own experiences and living situation while others are observations and interpretations. He has a very unique drawing style, his art work is very colorful and sometimes bright, the people he draws all have exaggerated features, and some even look grotesque and eerie. He has created a detailed fantasy world that reminds us of ours and makes his artwork even more creepy and disturbing telling many deep & dark sides of society. He tries to represent matter of bitterness in our society truthful, with supernatural elements.

He travels through and through, during this travel, he collaborated to many people and understood their way of life & their traditions deeply. With these interactions, he tries to learn more about them, what drives them & what makes them feel damaged. He is also exploring the darkness that lives within everyone and how we deal with it in our own different ways. Putting them on canvas using colors is Shubham's way of expressing the invisible yet super complex set of emotions.

As an individual, one generally wishes for the power to control. One always wants to control the society according to them, without being a part of society. The one when getting the power goes dark/blind towards the people without power, about the needs/wants of society. The power being so strong to digest that it turns into a dark character, making it lose humanity and forget the world. Making the one believe in superiority rather than being a equal. Treating others as slaves for self-use. The darkness this power of society emits, it turns into a black hole for equality or humanity, sucking all the goodness/peace of the nature for the satisfaction of one. Through this work, artist showed the same evil and uncontrollable power.

Darkest clouds covering, destroying the long – lasting tress of peace. Thundering all over the mountains, sliding over the living souls. Laden under wreckage burning in the darkest side. Death of innocence and love. Remainings are the living among dark clouds, working against the last remains of peace, thundering, building chaos among the beauty of purity.

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Instagram ID: absolute_nothing_art

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