Art of Odisha will entrance you !

Pattachitra the traditional art of Odisha.

It is a traditional cloth-based scroll painting. Patta means cloth/canvas in Sanskrit and Chitra means picture. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities. The tradition of pattachitra painting is more than a thousand years old.

The specially prepared cloth is coated with a mixture of gum and chalk and polished before applying natural colors to it. The preparation of canvas for painting involves binding two layers of cotton fabric with a gum prepared from tamarind seeds and thereafter coating it with a white paste made of powdered limestone and tamarind seeds. Once dried it is polished to make it smooth for painting. It is a disciplined form of art with a set of rules and restrictions. A floral border is a must around the paintings, and so is the use of natural colors upon completion of a painting, the canvas is held over a charcoal fire and lacquer is applied to the surface.

With the passage of time, the art of Pattachitra has gone through a commendable transition and the chitrakars have been painted on palm leaves and silk. Pattachitra is now being painted on sarees, bags, wall hangings, and even on showpieces. However, this kind of innovativeness has never proved to be a hindrance in their customary depiction of figures.

Almost everyone is an artist.
Raghurajpur, a small village in the Puri district This is the only village in India, where each family is engaged in one craft or another. In Raghurajpur, there are close to fifty families of Patta painters. The chitrakars also make unique, circular playing cards known as ganjifa which are popular in villages all over Odisha. Usually, the lane in which these painters or chitrakaras live is called Chitrakar Sahi. Some of the artists are winners of National Awards.

Ramayana Story.

Krishna Leela.

Ganesha in chariot.

Tranquil swaras........