The “R” tist.

Revathi Ramanujam with a deep interest in art forms of various genre. Her introduction to art came from her late mother when she was in the third grade. Having shown no interest whatsoever in art before, the task of illustrating and coloring a complicated crowded scene onto a notebook as part of a history lesson was indeed a huge task for Revathi.

A first lesson on carbon transfer and color mixing, and voila the exquisite work was the talk of the class the next day. It was like a sudden fount of knowledge opening up for you to seek expression.

An art certificate at school leaving and some training in Tanjore and glass painting, Revathi was happy doing occasional works for school, friends, colleagues, and family.

It was at this point that her daughter opened an Instagram account ( and gently pushed her to take up a month-long Inktober 2017 daily challenge to illustrate set prompts. The struggle to transform thoughts in art format though mind-boggling at the first instance urged her to explore doodling, zentangle, pen and ink art, acrylics, oils, and other forms.

Revathi had a long career with leading institutions, roles ranging from secretarial, management, branding, communication, editing in-house magazine, languages, and training to crisis response, healthcare, and social medicine. Work-life balance remains a moot point but equally challenging is the surplus time that retirement offers and Revathi was clueless about managing time now at her disposal. Art came to her rescue and helped her relax.

The intricacies of working through a mandala can be very satisfying and effectively used for thematic expression. All you need is understanding and clarity on how far you are prepared to extend spatial arrangements without being repetitive. Doodling, pencil, pen, and ink work have immense possibilities for a wide range of expression.

With over 200 posts on Instagram page and countless illustrations, designs, and patterns in drawing books Revathi has been able to explore portraits, still art, landscapes, and abstract forms.

Revathi is inspired by black and white art and textures. A lot of her work is around the landscape, portrait, floral patterns, and other designs. Lino cutting and etching are on her to-do learning list. She aspires to start work on small pieces which could grace contemporary homes.

Any expression in any format is possible as long as you have the will to learn and experiment, persevere and allow your imagination to flow. Age and learning are no barriers. An added bonus is the support of family and friends, of which she has plenty.

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