Retrieving His Master's Voice...

A top-rank violinist noted for the impeccable purity of notes, and rhythmic precision, M.S.Gopalakrishnan is a brilliant soloist and a fine accompanist. Son of the distinguished violinist late Parur M. SundaramAier (A master of the Carnatic and Hindustani styles). He has created a unique technique known as the "Parur Style", which captivates and thrills the audience. MSG has accompanied many of the leading Carnatic and Hindustani muscians. He was conferred the title of "Violin Vadya Samrat" by His Holiness Swamy Sivananda at Rishikesh in 1960. He has received the title of "Kalaimamani" by Iyal Isai Nataka mandram and also recipient of the Presidential award for Instrumental Music (Violin). He had travelled abroad for performances, in one of the US tour he had given more than 30 concerts.

Side one:   1) Raghunayaka - Hamsadwani and 2) Paramdhama - Dharmavathi

Side two:   3) Nadadinamata - JanaRanjani.  4) Evartitho Ne Thelpudu - Manavathi and  5) Manava Manthralaya - Suddha Sarang

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