Living with Less..

It actually took me few months to decide to be a minimalist to make meaningful changes in my home. First, I struggled to commit to being a minimalist because I was not sure if I could follow the “rules”.

I was always going to keep some sentimental items, like things which were given by my mother, collectables and gifts given by friends, etc. When I started living in my own house, things that have some traditional values and memorable moments were very hard to part with. But, how do I end accumulating things for such reasons? This thought made me formulate some points to minimalizing, which I would like to share.

The idea of minimalism is to align things that matters most to you in your everyday life. The idea, though, varies from person to person which means minimalism looks different to different people. As long as you embrace your own thoughts which add value and bring satisfaction to your life, you begin your journey towards minimalism.

How to break the mundane slogan, “I don’t have enough time”?

I understood that there is no shame in starting small. You don’t have to de-clutter your entire house in a weekend. All I did was, to take a step, one at a time and gradually start reducing what I brought into my life. This was actually the easiest way to get started with minimalism and it takes no time at all!! Do one thing today to move yourself towards the direction of your goal.

The next hurdle in the journey was my never ending list of things to do before I could actually get started with minimalism. The greatest challenge was to find that “perfect alternate” to the many items in my kitchen and the pile of clothes in my wardrobe. I was never ready to get started.

The first thing to do is cut on buying more, for, minimalism is quality over quantity. You can be more comfortable with owning less and directing your energy towards being happy with what you have.

Once I started clearing my stuff, I was again stuck not knowing what to do with all that stuff which I decided I don’t need anymore. Then, I decided to give away some of these things to the needy as charity and some I even sold off.

The result was obvious. I could start seeing the real change. I had more space for the things that I had and also could find more time to do efficiently what I wanted to do. This means, I could be more organized and my home was clutter-free.

The next challenge is in being conscious of what has been cleared and ensuring that we do not start accumulating more stuff all over again. So it is important to have a checklist to assess if we really need a particular thing before we decide to buy or acquire it.

Hope my experience gives you the idea that, becoming a minimalist is definitely achievable and helps you have a clutter free home and a clutter free life.

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