Ambitious Women in Photography.
The ambitions of multi-talented women will lead the future, I have no doubt. It is happening already. Just look at women like Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Deepika Padukone just to name a few. Use your knowledge, your creativity and be brave. Get off the narrow path and go use all your talents. Here is another example Rekha Vijayashankar.

Rekha Vijayshankar’s photographs emerge from her reflections on her own identity as a woman in society. Woman takes on multiple roles as she negotiates the journey of life. Some of these identities comfortably overlap with each other, some stand in contrast to each other and some complement each other. Yet with varying degrees of ease, she manages these roles. Depending on the context, she can be malleable like water, fiery like fire, nourishing like the earth and vital to life like air. Rekha’s photographs explore this connection between the elements of nature and a woman’s identity. She does so by photographing women as they go about various activities ranging from the professional to the personal. In particular, the subject of her photographs is the subaltern woman- a woman who is not economically powerful in society but has the strength of character to compensate for the absence of finances. Despite age or health, she goes about life sowing grains to provide food, shaping the earth to make pots that feed many stomachs, cutting the grass to make brooms that clean households, breaking bricks that builds a new home, fashioning necklaces that add beauty to life, etc. Through this she not only keeps the fire burning in her kitchen but also helps sustain culinary, artistic and ecological traditions that would otherwise be forgotten.

Rekha’s photographs focus on the holistic nature of life by capturing the interconnection of various elements of nature as also the links between a woman’s varied identities that meld together to make her who she is. She has captured women in varied aspects; it portray women who are resigned to their fate, it depicts women for whom managing family and work is just a part of daily life, it shows women stoically going about physically strenuous activities and it frames women as they joyously go about their work. Ultimately, these photographs are a celebration of women and their elemental power.

A collection of photos by artistic photographer Rekha Viiayashankar, well known for her photographic skills in various areas like architecture, traditional art, street and lifestyles of Tamilnadu. She is an official phtographer of Dakshina Chitra.

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