The two Saktis of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is venerated in myriad forms not only in India but in most of the East Asian countries. He is propitiated before starting any new venture be it a simple Pooja at home or a big business as He is believed to remove all hindrances. From the early Tamil hymns of the Saivite saints through hundreds of years to the current era numerous compositions in Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada etc. sing His praise. His very form has endeared Him to His devotees. The varied forms of Ganesha have been conceived by the sculptors and painters since the ancient times, which can be seen at the different temples. While he is worshipped and depicted as a Brahmachari or bachelor in the South, in the northern part of India He is shown with two wives.

There is some confusion regarding the two consorts of Lord Ganesha “Siddhi and Buddhi” with whom he is often represented. Buddhi is wisdom, more precisely sagacity, the intelligent and discriminating use of knowledge. Siddhi is success, to be precise fulfillment, accomplishment or attainment. Esotorically it must be stressed that none of the Gods has a wife – the consorts are not to be considered as separate from them, but as aspects of being as their Saktis or power. They exist in perfectly evolved soul/bodies, bodies which are not properly differentiated by sex. They are pure beings made of pure conscience and light. They are neither male nor female; to better understand the divine gods, we sometimes conceive them as being the man if they are strong in expression or the woman if they are gentle; they are not husbands and wives in the super-conscience in the realms of the third world or Sivaloka. Thus Buddhi and Siddhi are properly seen as the two Saktis (wisdom and success) of the great Ganesha and not as his so-called consorts. These two represent benefits or boons accrued by his devotees. In intrinsic sense Buddhi and Siddhi are the Ida-Pingala Nadis – the male and female currents, both of which are embodied within the being of Ganesha, corresponding to Valli and Devayani, the mythological consorts of Lord Subrahmanya.

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