“Ami's Art”

Amritha Shankar started her journey in art when she was a kid and her passion for colours developed since then. She is an accountant by profession, moved to Australia in 2014, worked in an accounting firm and then decided to pursue career in art full time. Her journey in art includes Tanjore paintings, Acrylic on canvas, Coffee painting, hand-painted glass works, Mandala Art, Warli Art.

Deeply amused by the richness in the Indian heritage, she is currently specialising her skills on sophisticated ancient art forms - Kerala mural art and Shilpa Shastra in its original style. Her recent works were displayed in social groups and earned lot of accolades.

She has sold various art works in Australia, India online or to the visitors of her home studio. She has successfully completed many large commission art works based on specific client requests like space/theme/size etc.

Look at her amazing recent art works in her Instagram handle AMRITHA_ARTS_STUDIO

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