5 Authors 15 Tables...

15 Table At TranQuebar is a book of linked stories, penned by 5 women authors. Launched at a chic restaurant in Chennai, the titular TranQuebar, the lives of the book’s various protagonists intersect lightly. From here, their individual stories branch out.

Chennai as a place features in many ways, and is almost a character in the book. Many of the stories are set in Chennai - the Museum Theatre offers its own drama in 'Theatre at the Museum', for example, as does Marina Beach and Boat Club Road.

The idea of collaborating a writing group that would then publish a book together is Parvathi’s brainchild. When Parvathi talked to Vinita and later Jaya, about writing creatively like this, both were game. Later Jaya brought in Ranjana and Bhavana. And thus a small writers group was born – composed of five women who wrote short stories, met, read them aloud and shared comments, criticisms and feedback.

As we wrote together and shared our stories some strong threads emerged … how many were women-centric stories, or else had strong women featured in them. We imagined our characters intersecting in the fictional world! In this way, organically, the idea of how some of them might run into each other at the opening of a destination restaurant - TranQuebar - came into being…

Along the way, we learnt a lot about the process of writing, editing, and publishing. Of learning about the importance of the right book cover, for example, and talking to other experienced writers to understand the process. Truly for all of us, it was a wonderful process of honing our craft.

As for the takeaway for readers, the stories in the book will entertain and provide enjoyment. The authors hope these narratives will also share experiences so many of us can resonate with – as we follow the book’s protagonists through their heartbreaks and triumphs as they juggle life, work, relationships - and the school run - to shape their own unique narratives.

Ranjana Bagry: Writing the stories for 15 Tables At Tranqebar, understanding the publishing and marketing process....all of this has been a huge learning curve and also a fun and fabulous experience.
I hope to take all of this experience to write more and write better.

Jaya Narain Mahbubani: What a delight to traverse the desired path along with four like-minded women.
Walking together, sharing, learning and growing. It's been an exhilarating journey. Ups and downs notwithstanding, a memory etched and cherished.

Vinita Nayar: I've always loved writing women-centric stories. And here I found an opportunity to intersect that with my love for dogs - dogs feature in two of my stories and enhance the lives of the people whose lives they enter.

Bhavna Arya: A fun collaborative effort that turned into giving me great friends in my co-writers, a deeper insight into writing, a definite strong urge to write more. It's surreal to see our book appreciated, understood and applauded. Cannot wait to create more with my writer girls.

Parvathi Nayar: My passion lies in telling stories through words and images. Working on the stories that would become ‘15Tables at TranQuebar’ was an extremely enjoyable process- to write alone but meet and discuss the work with my fellow amazing writers. It also gave terrific inputs on how to hone my craft so that the focus was the emotional heart of each narrative.

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