“Gaia's Own ”

In a realistic manner, the author Dharshana Bajaj expresses her concerns on the current environmental problems afflicting Earth in the book Gaia's Own (Every Child's Guide to Living in Harmony with Nature).

Being a fine artist, Dharshana Bajaj has innovatively presented this story on nature and how we are all connected to it, in the form of an email conversation between a young girl, Satvika and her grandfather (a wildlife photographer).

This thought provoking non-fiction book is intended for all age groups, and anybody interested in learning more about how humans and the nature are interdependent. It also attempts to increase the reader's understanding of the society and ways to find solutions to make it more peaceful and harmonious. Further, it provides information on the steps being taken to address environmental issues, as well as new insights on what needs to be done in order to reverse it for the better.

Satvika's principal opting to include Earth Hour in the school curriculum, where the students spend one hour each day in nature and engage in some activity, is an impressive point that the author drives home in society. The most important point that the author conveys is to realise that there is still a chance to rescue our planet, and that everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to contribute and reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, a few solutions and inspirational quotes are provided at the end of each chapter as takeaways.

Through this book, the author has shared many values for children in interesting ways. Circulating 'Gaia's Own' among school children will help inculcate the responsibility of saving Earth for the generations to come.

The book is available online on Flipkart,, Amazon, as well as other websites. It is also available in select book stores across Chennai.

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