Simple wholesome food

Carbohydrates, protein, fat, sugar, vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Calcium, fibre all packed in one single item, which can by itself be a full meal… yes, I am talking about our humble Thayir Sadam – Curd Rice – Bahala Bath. Don’t forget that curd is a rich source of probiotics! Many nutritionists, not only from our country but from around the world, have vouched for this fact. One may ask how just rice and curds could be interesting to eat. But it can be made tasty with very simple additions and of course with some nice pickles ….hmmm.. delicious!

Put the rice in the cooker and add three times the quantity water, because rice has to cook soft. Also don’t count on 4 -5 whistles but give it at least 20 minutes on low fire (sim). After taking the rice out of the cooker, when it is cooled down add thick creamy curds and a little salt and mix well. To this add small pieces of carrot, cucumber and mango. In hot gingely oil splutter some mustard and pieces of green chilly (optional) pour it over the curd rice. Sprinkle chopped curry leaves and coriander.

There you are yummy Bahala Bath is ready. One can eat it with one’s own choice of pickles, Vatthakuzhambu or with no side dish even. Bon Appetit!

Hope you enjoyed...

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