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It's often difficult for parents and kids to get together for a family meal, let alone spend quality time together. Here is a section for more effective parenting, child-rearing tips that can help you feel more fulfilled as a parent by Vidya Shankar, a Child Rights Practitioner and a Montessori advocate for children. Founder of CASCADE Family Learning Services.


7) When is it ideal to introduce the 'screentime' to the child? My 14 month old has had fleeting glimpses of the TV and mobile phone but I haven't as such introduced the screen to him yet.

Screen time is not at all a need for a child until a particular age. The power struggle happens nevertheless because as adults, we tend to spend a lot of time on screen and children want to imitate us due to their natural tendency to do so. If you observe keenly, very young children are interested in the objects that we constantly use, whether we like it or not. Given that this is a WhatsApp group and you are using a gadget to learn more about children, please try to ration the time spent on this and see the effect for yourself on how the interest wanes for the children towards the screen.

One of the biggest bane of our generation is that we grew up with technological advances and hence we see it more as a fashion and lifestyle than a tool. Screen and technology are mere tools to make our lives easy. Children can learn about them when they have the reasoning capacity and understand why limited tech use is enough.

Our advice would be to avoid it till the child grows up to be a student with the need to use it as a tool. What else can you do? Children of 1.5-2 are most interested in practical life activities like dish washing, washing clothes, mopping, dusting etc. Provide opportunities for real and meaningful work. Movement is the highest expression of man and this is the age when children learn to control and by 6 years eventually coordinate their movements. The more practical life work they do, better is their coordination and logical sequencing skill -building.

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