“Bookmarks of Art”

Akshayaa Selvaraj , is an Architect, Illustrator, Trauma informed nature based creative expressive Arts therapy facilitator, dreamer by default, who claims to be a curious seeker of the magical experiences woven inside our Universe through Art and Illustration.

Her art imprints a powerful conversation onto the observer's mind which can heal, create awareness and inspire.

Akshayaa creates tangible art products that are useful in everyday life, like multipurpose art calendars which are unique and liked by all.

She loves exploring different mediums and concepts and makes heritage postcards, wall arts, clay dolls, doodled art prints based on quotes, bookmarks, Illustrations, wedding cards and many more, that create lasting moments.

‘Postcards through Moon Window’ is a niche product through which she shares her glimpses of magical experiences.

Akshayaa says, “Art is not just for the soul and it is also for Activism and creating a strong impact. I strongly believe and voice out my expressions through my Art on various social constructs and systems.”

Instagram: akshayaaselvaraj

A Writer with a Vision and Mission...