Guru Vandan

Guru Vandan is a platform to share one's journey with their Gurus (mentor). This is an attempt to pay tribute to the sacrifices, dedication and love of a guru towards their Sishya (students).

Veterans in the past and present have always mentioned about how their Gurus have lit a spark in them, and guided them through their journey. It’s now time for us to pass on the legacy to the future generations.

To start with, this paltform provides an opportunity to Sishyas to show gratitude to their Gurus in various fields including Fine arts, Classical music and Dance, Folk arts, Yoga etc.

If you want to show your gratitude for your Guru through this platform, contact us at

Hiranmayee Srinidhi,
Hiranmayee S is a well-known Carnatic Vocalist in the Carnatic Music circuit who is gradually establishing herself as both a sought-after performer and a teacher. Hailing from a family of musicians from Mysore, with a strong foundation imbibed even as a child, Hiranmayee is currently under the wings of Sangeeta Kalacharya Vidushi Smt. Suguna Varadachari for over a decade. She has students from all over the United States, Europe, and India. Hiranmayee has also gathered heaps of appreciation serving as a trainer of Sustaining Sampradaya(a wing of the Cleveland Tyagaraja festival) project for four years providing both one-on-one and in-location training to the students enrolled.

  • Excelled the Advanced Diplaoma course with two special prizes from the Madras Music Academy - 2016 Sadas
  • "Adarsha Seva Rathna" title from Adarsha Kala Sangh and "Sangeeta Vidwat Bhooshana" title from The Madras Music Academy
  • Topped the Music examination conducted by the Karnataka State Secondary Board representing Mysore.

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