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A man who has conquered several obstacles in life is K. Narasimhalu. His youth was impacted by Cerebral Palsy.

He was left behind as a baby and eventually came into the care of Chennai's Andhra Mahila Sabha. He is unable to speak or walk normally. Without the use of his hands, he expertly completes every task using only his two feet, yet this does not help him walk. He moves around by pushing a wooden board on wheels.

Narasimhalu, who has serious orthopaedic impairments, is skilled at using his foot to paint and embroider. He excelled in classes X and XII. He has successfully completed a simple designing using computer, using his feet and toes to control the mouse and keys.

He utilises his legs for all of his tasks, including knitting, eating, drinking, using the computer, hand needlework, and using the phone, despite his various medical conditions.

Rose red rose visible and invisible in my blood & Retrospective 1990-96.

C. Douglas, who was born in Kerala in 1951, is one of the Madras Art Movement's most sought-after painters. His current show reflects the emotions of the poem by William Black; The Sick Rose.

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Gajananam Bhaje...

Ganesha chases off unhappiness; He is happiness incarnate and is perfect; He resides in Poorvapa Nadesam; His is navel is prominently beautiful; He removes the problems of those seeking Him; the dust of sin is removed by Him....
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Bring the tunes...

Featuring and archiving the exclusive works of young and established musicians.

R.Sai Bharath, an aspiring percussionist, a left hander, was initiated to music by his father identifying him with a natural inclination for sense of rhythm, when he started playing the Tambourine himself at an early age of 7. He had initial learning of Drums under Sri Murali Krishnan, Mrudangam under the direct guidance of Padma Vibushan Sri. Umayalpuram Sivaraman and Kanjira under Vidwan. Sri Sunil Kumar. He is also a qualified Sound Engineer and running a audio & video recording studio named Sai Rocks in Chennai, India. As an aspiring upa pakkavadya kanjira percussionist, has now started accompanying full-fledged Carnatic music concerts. Read More


Shagun is a contemporary realist artist who lives and works in Sirhind, Punjab and native of India. She says "My colorful paintings pay homage to my homeland. My distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the culture"....Read More

Ganesha likes Kozhukattai/Modakam.

With Vinayaka Chaturti in corner, kozhukattai or Modakam is the special Indian recipe and very favourite to Lord Ganesha. Basically kozhukattai is the South Indian variation of modak made in Maharashtra.

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