Into the Literature...

Conversation with H H Aswathy Thirunal Gowri Lakshmi Bayi of the Travancore Royal Family, a noted writer.

Aesthetics of Rukmini devi.

The minute one enters the portal of Kalakshetra- The Temple of Fine Arts - a new awakening stirs the soul. Sensitivity transcends time. Athai’s aesthetics is everywhere unfolding a new aura every-day!
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Concepts of Ganesha by composers and artists.

Let us now consider the special significance in the creations of different Vaggeyakaras (composers) and artists. Some of them give just the physical description, while a few others go in for deeper meanings touching upon philosophy, mythology, epics etc.
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Art show inspired by primordial deities who personify the earth.

Signature styles of painting by six eminent atists, which express their individual creative approach on primordial deities. Show is from 6-10 March 2022 at CHOLAMANDAL ARTISTS' VILLAGE, Injambakkam, Chennai 600 041 - INDIA.

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Own original paintings.

Chidambarakrishnan: An alumnus of the College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam and had worked as a designer in the Weavers Service CEnter for many years. He has been fond of the horses as the subject of his painting and had used the form in quite an unusual manner, sometimes alon with human figures.

Sale proceeds of this collection of original art works will be used for charity.
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A collection of the curated images for Gwillim Sisters project.