JUNE 2021

Master of Line

All great masters of art have acknowledged the importance of line in art, be it drawing, painting, sculpture or graphics. K.M. Adimoolam, Adi as he was called fondly by friends and associates, was indeed a Master of Line. He had said, “What are my drawings? They mean a lot more than telling something to the viewers through them – the vibrant qualities which are felt when the practical or strong sweeps of these lines pierce through the space, the amazing features indicating the three dimensions, the impressions I had gained from artistic creations from all over the world at different points of time, even though the line behaved in a fragile manner, its fascination which seemed to overpower me – my drawings mark my endeavours to express all these in my own special way”. He further said, “It has been my objective to establish my drawings, be they model studies or my own imaginary compositions, as my own perceptions, bereft of any influences and impressions from others”.
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Tyagaraja Svamigal, A great story-teller.

Tyagaraja Svamigal is usually visualized as a pious, religious, and self-realized person. A careful analysis of his compositions reveals a different Tyagaraja. This Tyagaraja is much jubilant, shrewd, and an imaginative storyteller. This article attempts to highlight this facet of the composer.

Listen to an old version of the Kriti ‘E Ramuni’ sung in Triputa Tala by Aravind Ranganathan.

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To post or not to post?

Have you posted that on Insta yet? This invariably is the question on most people’s lips for nearly every activity that we all do nowadays. Be it cooking at home, watching Netflix, going out to a movie, getting vaccinated and sometimes even just getting out of bed. Don’t even get me started on cute cat photos and videos (Mea Culpa!). We are so focused on likes, comments and shares that we sometimes don’t pause and think about what we are posting. This serves our innate need for having our lives witnessed by others, that we often forget what is being witnessed.
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Time for parenting

It's often difficult for parents and kids to get together for a family meal, let alone spend quality time together. Here is a section for more effective parenting, child-rearing tips that can help you feel more fulfilled as a parent by Vidya Shankar, a Child Rights Practitioner and a Montessori advocate for children. Founder of CASCADE Family Learning Services.
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Vande Sangeetham.

Each episode of Vande Sangeetham by Vidwan Vijay Siva on You Tube covers a certain aspect of Carnatic music. It is not very technical nor does it go much into theory. But the information is useful for a lay listener who likes to hear good music and would like to know some information which would make it more interesting for him such as the Raga, who composed a particular Kriti and where it was done, and something about the story or philosophy contained in the lyrics.
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