S. Chandramouli shares his multifaceted journy in music.

The two Saktis of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is venerated in myriad forms not only in India but in most of the East Asian countries. He is propitiated before starting any new venture be it a simple Pooja at home or a big business as He is believed to remove all hindrances. Read More

Emotional transformation...

“it is easy to depict a figure and write a few lines of poetry. The issue here is that of transforming this and how one does it when there are no examples. I start sometimes with a concrete human figure or even write a few lines of text on the canvas and as the work progresses I realise it is moving slowly towards abstraction, may be semi abstraction; it might perhaps lead me to full abstraction”.
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Bani Beyond Borders II

Although the Karaikudi Bani has spanned three centuries, our world of sound (‘nadam’) remains in its prime beauty. The art of ensuring the continuity of the tradition is a daunting task if we don’t continually breathe fresh into its survival.
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Time for parenting

It's often difficult for parents and kids to get together for a family meal, let alone spend quality time together. Here is a section for more effective parenting, child-rearing tips that can help you feel more fulfilled as a parent by Vidya Shankar, a Child Rights Practitioner and a Montessori advocate for children. Founder of CASCADE Family Learning Services.
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New basics for school...

Schools are set to open from Nov 1st. I’m sure Parents and Teachers are concerned and worried.Here are a few tips to keep your children safe.

  • Make sure they wear a mask throughout . Enough if they wear a cotton mask. Make sure they wear it properly and should not touch the front of the mask.
  • Hand hygiene is very important. Let them carry a small sanitiser bottle with them.
  • Follow distancing inside the classroom.
  • Let them have dry lunch which they can have quickly without hassles .
  • Beware of infections other than COVID.
  • Drink boiled water, preferably from home.
  • Schools should keep sanitisers in multiple places.
  • Mosquito prevention at School and at Home is very vital as there is a rise in the number of children with Dengue fever.
  • Allow them to attend regular school, Do not prevent them from socialising.
- Dr. Janani Shankar, Sr.Pediatrician.
Kanchi Kamakoti Child's Trust Hospital.