Celebrating Udayakumar.

Udayakumar was entirely paralyzed except the thumb and the index finger of right hand. But he produced wonders with two blessed fingers and mastered and evolved his own style of abstract painting using acrylic inspired by the greats, Picasso and Rembrandt Harmenszoon.

His life was an inspirational journey of Art... and fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Udayakumar had thrived on the fringes of art. His paintings were inspired by his imagination and dreams. He developed his artistic ideas and concept by watching art/culture on television. He lived a challenging life and ensuring he didn’t succumb to the ailment which made his whole body static till his last breath.

It was an inspiring experience for me while making this video on him. With this I helped him to collect funds through Art shows organised by HeART BEAT Foundation pan India.

- Lakshu

Oh That's Bhanu !
A national award winnning film by R V Ramani.

Bhanumati Rao(1923-2022) in her younger days, was a dancer and a theatre actor. An elegant and witty woman, who’s hearing and memory doesn't usually stand up, has led an enigmatic, passionate, yet a simple and pragmatic life. Filming with Bhanumati from 2014 till 2019, with her daughters Maya Krishna Rao, a contemporary solo theatre practitioner in New Delhi and Tara Rao, a human rights campaigner in Bengaluru, the filmmaker goes on a journey of life and performance, through the spasms of memory, complexities of relationships, love and a reflection of what could constitute a beautiful mind.

My Tryst with Art.

Many times, I asked myself: ‘What makes me sketch and draw?’

As a kid, I remember I used to visit the family who stayed opposite to my home in the village. There were two sisters who drew figures and kolams beautifully. Those kind hearted girls were my inspiration to sketch and draw. Read More

Laxman Aelay, is an inspiring Indian painter. His muse has been the life of people from his village and culturality of a village with men, women in colourful native backdrop.

Priyanka Aelay is an artist who embraces the folk form and elements from it and uniquely transforms it into an expression that is very personal and contemporary in nature. She uses folk art form more like a medium rather than the core of her works.

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Valli Parinayam:

"Valli Parinayam" A dance drama on the story of Valli's marriage to Muruga. This dance production will premiere on Saturday, October 29th 2022 at The Mylapore Fine Arts club and will be presented by 48 Children of Koothambalam Abhyasa,Chennai.

Bring the tunes.
Diwali special

Featuring and archiving the exclusive works of young and established musicians.

Akriti Hari has loved the drums for many years and has been learning the instrument from Mr. Murali Krishnan for over 3 years and has also completed 3 grade exams for the same from Trinity college of music London.

She has a lot of interest in art, sudoku puzzles ,and music. Also attends drumming workshops.

She is for one, a very enthusiastic person who loves to travel and aspires to see the world at its every corner someday.

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Retrieving His Master's Voice.
Pithukuli Murugadas.

Pithukuli Murugadas (Balasubramanian) born in an Iyer family, hailed from Coimbatore. From the age of seven, he practiced yoga under Nadayogi Brahmananda Paradesiyar. He was called "Pittukuli" by his teacher. He was named as Murugadas by Swami Ramdas as he sang on Lord Murugan.
He went on a pilgrimage by foot and traveled throughout India. He learnt various renderings of Brahmananda Paradesiyar and Ramana Maharishi.
He popularised bhajans praising Muruga.

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Crispy "Kai Murukku"

Crispy Kai Murukku is a traditional savoury specially made with skilled hands. Specifically prepared dough is twsited and made into spiral circles, instead of pressing through mould. Kai Murukku,a speciality of Tamilnadu is always liked by all age groups. It is a tasty tea time snack commonly made at homes during Diwali, Krishna Jayanthi and special occasions.

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